Essex Summer School Community
Essex Summer School Community
Essex Summer School

Welcome to Essex Summer School Community is available to participants in the 54th Essex Summer School

Why sign up?

We hope the ESS online programme will bring together participants as our traditional programme has for decades. This year we have created a community platform for the event which will be available exclusively for participants this summer at Using the platform is not required for participation in your course, but this community site provides many benefits for participants during the summer school.

First, it will provide a central location for information about events this summer, such as the workshops before the first session and the speaker series, as well as other updates.

Second, it will contain forums where participants can discuss research, methods and research topics and get help from our staff and fellow participants with topics such as R and Stata. One feature will be a forum specifically for R and Stata questions. 

Most importantly, it will provide a place to find and meet other participants both in and out of your own course. Those who register can provide a profile to indicate their interests and enable networking among participants.

This site will require a password for access, but login can be achieved easily with one of several common commercial accounts (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn). It is used for no purpose other than to allow participants to connect voluntarily during the summer school. 

When you login be sure to fill out your profile!